5th Annual PATA Park of Tennis Fame Clinic and Inductions History

Community tennis events are really fun to organize and put together, but it takes a good committee of people and volunteers coming together cohesively to do it in a manner that truly makes it all feel pretty darn good and that happened this past Sunday for our 5th Annual PATA Tennis Park of Tennis Fame Clinic and Induction day.

It doesn’t happen but about once a year where all the tennis professionals in the area get together and donate their time to fill 6 tennis courts with 2 pro’s on a court coaching  special themes for about 3 hours.  

Fay Matsumoto and Jan Hasse with groundstrokes, Tim McClintock – serves and approaches, Sterling Fetty and Dick McGaw doing volley’s and net skills, Jason Jamison showing the troops how low compression ball drills can improve your game, Andrea Myers and Nick Cristea going over singles strategy, Bernie Adam roaming court to court and your’s truly tagging into the finer points of doubles.

Every twenty five minutes the 26 participants broken into groups of 4 to 5 players within their ability level rotating from court to court and at the end a great lunch, eating under the tennis patio with a question and answer period with these same tennis professionals having a great time.

But let’s back-track a bit.

This project does quite a few neat things.  It gets all the pro’s together as well as the participants and volunteers creating a bond that makes not only tennis stronger in the area, but the aspect of community as well.

It raises money for a great cause through the Prescott Area Tennis Association in promoting the game of tennis with juniors, adults and seniors, helping with public facilities in the area, after school programs, scholarships, etc.,which is a real bonus for those who reap and enjoy the benefits this game has to offer.

What is really nice are the volunteers who recognize the work, time, effort and money is for a worthy cause.  They do this because they care – and most have had the pleasures tennis has given them, thus they give back.

I can’t say enough good things about Nancy Seaman, Jo Conn, Dee Navarro, Adriana Howard, Mary Cobey, Christine Bothell, Stephanie Wirick, Robin Fox, Fay Matsumoto and the rest of the PATA board and volunteer group.

It takes a “village”, we have that currently and it’s only gotten better and better ever since the Yavapai Tennis Association was organized in the 1970’s.

We had two inductions this year to recognize, locally “Eric Bourdon” and nationally “Dr. Allen Fox.”

Bernie Adam did the presentation for Eric who passed away on August 30th of this year.

Eric became one of the top players and well liked people at the Prescott Racquet Club, was a great promoter of the game on all levels there, captained many, many USTA League teams to sectional and even national prominence, and went on to become the USTA league coordinator and liaison for Northern, AZ.  His induction brick reads, “Everyone should play tennis!”

Nationally, Dr. Allen Fox was also inducted.  Allen has done it all in the world of tennis.  Player, coach, psychologist, businessman, author, public speaker and more…all over the U.S. and world.

He played tennis at UCLA, winning both the singles and doubles NCAA titles – while getting his B.A. in physics and later on his Ph.D. in psychology.  This All-American won many national tennis titles ranked in the top10 in the U.S. 5 times.  He went into investment banking, started and owned a couple multi-million dollar businesses, coached tennis at Pepperdine for 17 years (reached the NCAA finals twice), has written 4 best selling tennis books, editor/columnist for TENNIS and still actively works with professionals on the tour.

This “World Respected” (as his brick reads) man (and his wife Nancy) love our “Hometown” of Prescott and he’s given a couple talks here in the past few years.

5th Annual PATA Park of Tennis Fame Clinic and Inductions Announcment

It’s hard to imagine that this will be the fifth year that the “PATA Park of Tennis Fame Clinic and Induction” event will be once again be taking place Sunday, October 6th at the beautiful Yavapai College Tennis Facility.

The tennis clinic, which costs $40.00 per person and includes a brown bag lunch, is a very special event all on its own merit where the participants will meet at the tennis patio at 8:50 to 11:30 a.m., be put into groups of 5 to 6 players of similar ability and then will rotate every 25 minutes from court to court covering different drills of interest.

This clinic will have two pro’s on each court to teach a special theme, most of them local, talented and enthusiastic…groundstrokes, volleys, serves, return of serves, doubles strategy, singles strategy, cardio, it’ll be the best 2 ½ hours you’ve enjoyed on the tennis courts since last year at this time.

Each of the following pro’s are donating their time and the money made goes to promote the game of tennis in the area for youth/students, adults, facility improvements, scholarships, etc.

Jason Jamison USPTA/PTR – former SW Player Development/Community Tennis (10 years), USTA National Manager for School Tennis (11 years), now consulting around the country.  USPTA or PTR Pro’s – Larry Lineberry (Master Professional), Sterling Fetty, Bernie Adam, Zack Hackerott, Fay Matsumoto, Chris Howard, Tim McClintock, Nick Cristea, as well as Cathy Low, Taylor Harris, Dick McGaw and Donnie Jones the Human Ball Machine.

At the conclusion of the clinic, lunch will be provided to all participants on the patio at court #7 where the inductions will take place from 12 to 12:30 p.m.

This year the inductees are locally – Eric Bourdone who was a very respected player, promoter and captain, at the Prescott Racquet Club as well as USTA league coordinator and liaison for Prescott and Northern Arizona for many years.  Eric recently passed away.  Bernie Adam will speak on his behalf.

And nationally, Dr. Allen Fox, who has made the journey to Prescott twice now to give of his knowledge. A NCAA Tennis Champion in singles and doubles at UCLA, ranked nationally in the top ten 5 times, winner of many national titles, Davis Cup player, tennis coach at Pepperdine (17 years), writer, lecturer, business owner, psychologist and all round good guy.  Chris Howard will speak on his behalf.

They will have a 12 X 12 block set in our “Tennis Park of Fame” sidewalk as a gesture of thanks for their exemplary accomplishments promoting the game.

Some ask me, why this is important to do.  

To me it all comes down to why this game means so much to so many, how it came about (now all over the globe) – still going strong, and those who have gone over and beyond in helping others gain that same thrill of satisfaction in and of what the game of tennis has to offer.

Without the people who promote the game, build the facilities, manufacture the equipment, organize and run the tournaments, compete at its highest and lowest levels, teach the game, write about and publish its history – it wouldn’t be where it is today.

So, there are 36 spots for the clinic and they’ll go fast.  To grab a spot send an email to:

choward4541@gmail.com with your name, ability level and phone number.  If you have any special lunch needs, please mention them as well.  You will pay the morning of the clinic…cash or check.

We look forward to a wonderful day and hope many of you join us!

Chris Howard is a local USPTA Tennis Professional with over 50 years in the racquet and fitness industry.  He can be reached at 928-642-6775 or choward4541@gmail.com.

The end of the month, Sunday, September 30th, we have our 4th Annual PATA Tennis Park of Fame Clinic and Inductions for 2018, which once again is held at the Yavapai College tennis facility.


It’s a day of local and state tennis professionals coming together and donating their time to run a clinic from 9 to 11:30 a.m. on 6 of the 7 courts at Roughrider with a fun tennis theme on each court.  Participants rotate every 25 minutes to each court and at the end all have a brown bag lunch together right before the inductions begin on court 7 at 12 noon (to around 2 p.m.)  48 spots to sign up for in the clinic – email choward4541@gmail.com


The cost for the clinic is $40.00 per person (includes clinic and lunch) and no admission fee to attend the induction ceremony and all people in the area are encouraged to attend this intimate event.


This year the inductees are:


Nationally – the “Austin Family”.  Pam, Jeff, Doug, John and Tracy.  

They are one of the premier families in the game of tennis in the United States with 5 siblings all playing division 1 college tennis, 4 playing professionally, two of them (Tracy and John) winning grand slam titles, and Tracy attaining the #1 ranking in women’s tennis.  Come listen to their story, it truly is amazing.


Locally – all local (Prescott & PV) high school players who have won State High School Titles in singles and doubles.


Trisha Kempton – Singles title in 1996 at PHS and then two more after moving to Tucson.


Tobias Campbell and Oliver Clark – as the #16 seeded team for Bradshaw Mountain High School won the doubles title in 2006.


Sterling Fetty and Corey Bennett – (PHS) won the doubles title in 1999.


Shannon and Michelle Howell – (PHS) won the high school doubles title in 1983 and took 2nd place the year before.


Jack Kapp and Joe Love – (PHS) won the 3A Doubles title in 1942, which would make Jack and Joe in their 90’s.  (Does anyone  have any information on either of these guys? Local family members?  Still trying to find someone to represent them at the event.)


Honoring those who have made tennis in the area and beyond continue to grow and stay vibrant as a volunteer, player, organizer, facility owner, coach or professional is our way of saying, “Thank you.”


The money made from running these events goes to grow the game of tennis in the area, with improved programs and facility care for juniors, adults and seniors – and it does make a difference.


Hope coming to one or both of these events works for you.

The 3rd Annual PATA Park of Tennis Fame, clinic and induction ceremony is coming up quickly, Sunday – October 8th at the Yavapai College tennis facility and we hope many of you attend this special occasion.
In the past two years we’ve had some very notable people become part of our local history of inductions – notable because of the things they’ve done for the game of tennis on many levels, locally – in the Southwest Section and nationally.
The criteria of each inductee falls under the categories of player, instructor, coach, volunteer, special personality, promoter – writer, journalist, anything you can imagine that each person has done over and beyond the normal in and with the game of tennis.
This years inductee’s happen to all be local – but very well known in the tennis community due to all the work they’ve done playing, coaching, instructing, volunteering and especially with our youth and high school athletes – in the past and currently.

Dick McGaw:
Dick McGaw has been playing the game since the age of 5, over 70 years now, playing and competing at the highest level. Growing up in Indiana, he lived across the street from the main tennis center in Fort Wayne and fell in love with the game. Playing in his first tournament at the age of 8, ball-boying for the men’s professional tour, and competing successfully in tournaments as a youngster through the present. “Tennis has been good for me. It helped build physical and Psychological strength, moral character, and social relationships.” 

Dick has given back as a volunteer assistant coach at PHS, served on the committee to rebuild the YC tennis facility, was former tennis chair at Hidden Valley as well as many other tennis programs.

Binki Thalmeier:
Binki is a long time admired and hard-working USPTA Tennis Professional, serving as the Head Pro at the Prescott Racquet Club for years. She received the National Award for the Women’s 55 and over Player of the Year in 2011, one of many awards received during her career. At 18 years old she won the Girls 18 & Under singles event for the Phoenix District Tennis Championships. During her time teaching in the Prescott area she brought many players into the game that are now solid in the tennis community.

Her main hope is, “That the students I have taught, developed a love for the game that gives them the same things it gave me – positive benefits for good health and lasting friendships.”

Sterling Fetty:
Sterling has been coaching the Prescott High School boys & girls team for the last 10 years. He has walked the walk, in winning the 4A State Doubles High School Tennis Championships with partner Cory Bennett in 2000. He went on to play community college tennis became a USPTA Tennis Professional, teaching at the Prescott Racquet Club. He is currently running his own Junior Tennis Academy at Prescott High School.

His background in playing junior and adult tennis has given him the experience to help hundreds of tennis players, concentrating on juniors and having much success at the high school level – even here in the rural community of Prescott. Sterling has found a special formula in teaching junior players, having pulled off many team regional championships, for the boys & girls teams, with some of his juniors going on to play in college. One of his juniors, Taylor Johnson, a local player he coached for many years, is now ranked one of the top 10 girl players in the world.

Rick Bothell:
Rick Bothell who retired from teaching tennis at PHS in 2005 after 24 years there winning many regional tennis championships for both the boys and girls teams, coach of the year honors, two doubles state champions in Shannon and Michelle Howell, as well as Sterling Fetty and Cory Bennett, created some unmatched feats as a local coach to date. He began playing the game at the age of 11 playing high school tennis, earning a 2nd place berth with future tennis professional Jim Munsil his junior year. He went on to play at Phoenix College – teaching during his spare time. What Rick doesn’t tell anyone is all the things he did around being a great high school coach. He is a man of many talents – putting in divider fences at the high school courts, enclosing part of the tennis patio at Y.C. to create a shed for a pro to reside/, fixing cracks, volunteering hundreds of hours to kids and the program. He’s the best!

Esther Brown:
Esther Brown was the girls’ head tennis coach at Prescott High School from 1990 – 2004. During that time, she led the team to several regional championships and was awarded Coach of the Year seven of those years. In addition to the time she spent coaching tennis, she was teaching high school students full time, showing tremendous dedication.

Joe Morales:
The death of Joe Morales left a very big void in the Prescott Valley tennis community. He coached players at Bradshaw Mt High School and was relied upon to provide opportunities for players, especially juniors, to hit with. Even after he retired from coaching, he continued to attend tennis clinics held at the high school, in addition to playing on a daily basis.
He was also integral in the high school’s expansion from 4 courts to 6 courts.

What he did for tennis at Bradshaw as their tennis coach with his “no-cut” rule continues today in their program and the many he inspired.

The inductions will begin at 12 noon on Court #7 with a guest speaker doing an intro and the inductee speaking a few minutes thereafter.
The stories will be interesting and moving – so please come and honor these special men and women for the help they have given so many over the years.
Phase one of the park is to be started by the Vicente Landscaping Company this week, so that will be real nice to see prior to our event on the 8th.  Phase one is the main brick entrance to court #7 from the parking lot.
The clinic, which will be on 6 of the 7 courts from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., will be put on by our local tennis professionals and the money earned will be graciously going to help build phase #2 of the park.
Players will be grouped together based on similar ability levels…advanced beginner to advanced, all are welcome.
Local pro’s instructing and donating their time are:  Bernie Adam, Sterling Fetty, Jason Jamison (former USTA National Junior Program Director), Binki Thalheimer, Dave Hibbs, Tim McClintock, Nick Cristea, Cathy Low, – helpers Jan Fisher, Daniel Beffel and myself.
Pro’s will be split between all 6 courts and each court will have a special theme that will be worked on with 25 minute rotations.  
So, for $35.00 you can be a part of the clinic (9:30 to 11:30 a.m.), which includes a free bagged lunch – the inductions begin at 12 noon and are free to attend.  
To be one of 36 players for the clinic, send an email to:  choward4541@gmail.com.  Payment will be received the morning of the clinic, sign ups are first come, first serve.
The Park of Fame being built in front of court 7 (when totally completed) will be a real feather in the hat of the college, for the enjoyment of all, honoring many greats who in the world of tennis continue to do wonderful things.  
Please come by and be a part of the third year of the annual Park of Fame, clinic and induction ceremony.

The 2nd Annual PATA “Tennis Park of Fame” Clinic and Inductions will take place Sunday, October 2nd at the Yavapai College Tennis Center.

The day will begin with a bang – 6 courts of tennis professionals giving their best in creating a rotating clinic (30 minute rotations) of 36 participants learning different tennis strokes, strategies, and fun drills to enjoy from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The clinic cost is $30.00 per person and includes a bagged lunch and drink. To sign up for this fun event and reserve your spot e-mail choward4541@gmail.com. All abilities are welcome and open to the first 36 people to sign up. The money made will go toward the new “Park of Fame” that is being built in front of court # 7.

The clinic will be followed by our 2016 inductions from 1 to 2:30 p.m. on court #7. There is no charge for attending the induction and everyone is welcome and wanted. The inductees for this year are:

Bernie Adam:
Bernie Adam, beloved local USPTA Tennis Professional who, even with two knee replacements, spent many years at the Prescott Racquet Club as their pro, teaching countless numbers of players to learn and enjoy the sport. He was successful at running USTA sanctioned & non-sanctioned tournaments, drawing players from all over the Southwest section to compete against some of the best the sport has to offer. He provided a fun atmosphere for players of every skill level and made tennis a great joy for our community and those visiting it.

Robin Fox:
Robin Fox has been the PATA treasurer for over 10 years, but she goes way over that title by volunteering her time at all of the local tournaments. She makes sure all necessary supplies are available and organizes the administative and behind the scenes details.

Lisa Cook:
Lisa served as President of the Prescott Area Tennis Association in 2012. During her tenure she was responsible for PATA gaining their 501(c)(3) status, reviewed and updated the structure of the organization, including goals that set in motion a partnership with Yavapai College that would result in building the new tennis facility. After her tenure as President, she received her certification as a USTA umpire, traveling to Jr tournaments all over the U.S. to gain experience that would help her attain the goal of umpiring tournaments at the professional level.

Nannette Oatley Johnson
Nannette started her tennis career in Prescott, gaining skills that allowed her to compete in the U.S Open where she won in the Wheelchair singles and doubles events. She is a certified tennis professional and has volunteered many hours to the community by starting local after-school tennis programs and serving as a PATA board and committee member. She continues to love and play the game with a passion, always ready and willing to further it’s cause to everyone.

Edna Moglewer
Edna was one of the Co-founders of the Prescott Area Tennis Association in the early 90’s – the first meeting held in her kitchen. Just goes to show how far a good idea can go. Edna, now almost 90 years young still plays a mean game and advocates for the game she knows does so much for so many.

We are looking forward to a great day of tennis fun followed by an interesting group of people who will be honored for the service they have provided to the tennis community over a long number of years. Please mark this day down on your calendar.

On Sunday, Oct. 25, there will be a tennis event at the new Yavapai College Tennis Center you won’t want to miss, the very first PATA Tennis Festival of Fame, which will be a day of celebration and honor for what has taken place at this site and the people in the game of tennis (far and wide) who have done so much for it.

There are really two parts to this day, a very specialized tennis clinic on six courts with a multitude of tennis professionals where you’ll have fun with fast-moving drills from 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. (It’s already sold out, but for $15 you can rotate with a group and listen and learn if you’d like; contact Chris Howard atchoward4541@q.com). Lunch is included.

Phase two starts at 1 p.m. and runs to 3:30-4 p.m. on Stadium Court 7, where you’ll meet some very well-known people and players in the tennis industry with the following agenda. 

(There is no charge to attend, refreshments will be available, dress for the weather, bleacher seating – some chairs – come early and come ready to cheer, clap and harass a bit.) 


• Two 90-year-old plus players will take on two 10-year-old twins. Dr. Ed Free and Sid Moglewer vs Leyton and Camden Fetty. (Four games).

• Two U.S. Open/National Tennis Wheelchair Champions, Nannette Oately vs Kaitlyn Verfuerth, will show the finer points of game. (Four games).

• Four senior players with over 150 national and SW titles will play one no-ad set: Brian Cheney, Peter Bronson, John Byron and Chris Howard. (One no-ad set).

Donor Recognition Plaque unveiled

• History of fundraising project for this facility by Dr. Karen Spear.

Tennis Park of Fame design presented

• P.A.T.A. President Sue Knaup and chair of this event Nannette Oately along with landscape architect Barnabas Kane will present the renderings, the park and walks of fame – and how you can become a brick sponsor. 


Nationally – Vic Braden, world tennis ambassador. Representing Vic, who passed away last year, will be his wife, Melody, and Pam Austin, former UCLA, WTA and WTT player.

Nationally – The Cheney Family, U.S. Tennis Legacy. Brian Cheney will be representing himself, his mother, Dodo, and grandmother May Sutton Bundy – a tennis linage like no other.

Southwest – Peter Bronson: Player, coach, educator. 

Southwest – John Byron: Player, coach, rep for many major tennis manufacturers over the years. 

Northern Arizona – Sedona Racquet Club: Started by the Miller Family.

Northern Arizona – Larry Lineberry: USPTA Master Professional – coach, player, organizer, tournament director. 

Prescott Area – Prescott Racquet Club: Started by the Hannay Family and currently owned by the Waples Family.

Prescott Area – George Reynolds: Roughrider Icon, volunteer extraordinaire.

Prescott Area – Fay Matsumoto: player, coach, selfless volunteer.

Tennis clinic pros will include five-time cancer survivor and World Tennis Champion Sheri Bronson, her husband, national champion Pete Bronson, John Byron, Fay Matsumoto, Jan Hasse, Tim McClintock, Allison Wood, Dave Hibbs, Ron Barron, Nic Cristea, Cathy Low and myself.

Hope you all can attend – it’ll be a day to remember.