The Prescott Area Tennis Association (PATA) promotes and supports tennis for everyone in the Prescott area.


• We value sportsmanship through friendly, fair, and fun play.

• We value inclusion and diversity of all players and supporters of tennis.

• We value reaching across barriers of age, income level, and play level to ensure that all Prescott area residents can access tennis courts, programs, and playing opportunities.         

• We value commitment and teamwork through volunteerism and working with strategic partners.

• We value engaging and developing young players through school and summer programs as well as scholarships.

• We value integrity and accountability by achieving measurable results, using financial and other resources efficiently, and being accountable to supporters and partners.


PATA’S main goal is to grow tennis in the community, by providing tournaments, leagues, tennis themed events, youth school programs and activities designed to promote tennis.


Please contact us at PrescottTennis@outlook.com with any questions and for more information!