My Background

I grew up in Moline, IL and sports were certainly the focal point of my youth.  I took my first parks and rec tennis lessons around age 10, and I would occasionally play with my older siblings.  I never “specialized” in tennis, but I went out for my high school team.  I worked hard on my game and played summer tournaments too.  I graduated high school a four-time varsity letter winner, and had compiled an unspectacular, but respectable record in a very competitive conference.


After high school, I won five consecutive intramural tennis titles at Northeast Missouri State.  I graduated with my BS, returned to Moline and coached three seasons at United Township High School.  I earned my M.S. in Education in 1999, and moved to the Seattle area, working at North Seattle Community College.  In 2006, I moved to Montana, and continued playing recreationally.

I relocated to Prescott in May of 2014 and quickly (and thankfully) became involved with the Prescott tennis community.  I recently earned my USPTA Professional Certification completing my on-court testing in San Diego in 2016. 

My Philosophy

We are partners in this endeavor.  The better we communicate and work together, the more effective our sessions will be. 

Twenty-five years of professional experience in education has helped me understand the varied, yet essential components of learning.  One size does not fit all, and I will do my best to provide the type of experience that best meets your needs.

I love how tennis meets the goals many of us have for both fitness and fun.  It’s a great way to meet new friends and stay in shape whether you’re looking for recreational or competitive play.